A Team Activity in the Workplace

A team activity in the workplace can be an ongoing way to promote strong work relationships and improve morale. Getting all employees involved in a team workplace activity gives the group something to discuss other than work, and can help develop personal bonds that can enhance the professional relationship. There are several workplace activities you can try that will encourage team-building in the workplace.

Group Lunch
A group lunch does not have to be an expensive trip to a local restaurant. An effective team activity in the workplace can be the team getting together for lunch on outdoor company picnic tables or in a conference room once a week. Encourage the group to talk about any topic, and you may even suggest that people bring a dish to pass around at the group lunch. The group lunch can be something that team members look forward to and a way to build a stronger team.

Collections for Charity
A team activity that contributes to the community can help encourage teamwork and make the team proud of its accomplishments. Some charitable activities that can be used are adopting a family during the Christmas holiday, helping a local soup kitchen collect food for Thanksgiving, collecting clothing for the needy, and delivering meals to elderly and bed-ridden people. Find ways for the entire group to get involved. For example, people who do not want to deliver meals to homes can help pack the meals instead.

Company Newsletter
A newsletter for a small business can be a valuable way to keep employees interacting with each other while making sure that important company information gets out to the entire staff. Include personal interest items such as employment anniversary dates, employees’ birthdays and personal accomplishments such as the birth of a child or a wedding. Mix in personal information with business announcements to make the newsletter interesting to everyone.

Job Swap
Team-building can be easier to inspire when your employees have a better understanding of each others’ jobs. When employees see the responsibilities within the group, it generates respect and understanding for each member of the team. Choose a day where employees can swap jobs for a few hours. Each employee should leave a list of tasks for the employee who takes over his job to complete. Have employees choose non-essential tasks but tasks that will give the others a good idea of their job responsibility.

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