Door Prize Ideas for a Business

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Whether you are throwing a promotional event or holding a company party, door prizes can inspire interest and attendance. Great prizes can bring people in who wouldn’t otherwise come; the more valuable the prizes, the more people you can attract. When choosing prizes for a business event, keep them relevant and valuable so they appeal to your target audience and give them a reason to participate. Door prize ideas for employees can run the gamut from free services to books, tickets and paid time off.

Free Services
For a twist on traditional door prizes, offer services instead of physical items. Contact local service providers to donate a set amount of their services; in return, provide free advertising and publicity for the business at your event. Solicit donations from companies whose clients would also find value in your business; use compelling statistics about event attendees to convince the sponsoring company that a donation is a wise business decision. In doing so, you can use the door prize to attract new people to your business event and potentially gain new customers. A fitness center might offer a free massage from a local athletic masseuse, for example, while a builder could offer a free architectural consultation.

Business Books
If you want relatively inexpensive door prizes for an employee event, hand out business books that relate to your industry. Choose books that employees will be excited to read: the latest in motivation strategy, for example, or an unconventional approach to doing business. The prizes will be useful and educational. To make the door prizes more special, include a note that explains why the book was of value to you; the personal anecdote can create a relationship and inspire interest in the employee. Kazoo suggests giving away bookstore gift cards and starting a book club.

Corporate Perks
If your company has access to box seats or special season tickets, use them as door prizes, suggests TeamBuilding. Door prize ideas for employees can include items like gym memberships, weekends at the CEO’s beach house or VIP access to a professional association’s resource library. This type of prize is particularly useful if you don’t have a big budget to buy new or big ticket items.

Company Products
For a customer or potential customer marketing event, give away your own products or services. Examples of company door prize ideas include something with value, like a free consultation or a free service package, and offer it with no strings attached. Free products and services can get people in the door without any financial risk.

Paid Leave
Paid time off is one the best door prizes for a company party. This door prize has the advantage of being highly coveted and valuable to everyone. Because door prizes are not performance-based, everyone has an equal shot. When you want employees to show up to an event, the prospect of an extra vacation day or a week of telecommuting can be a powerful motivator.

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