Fun Company Event Ideas

A company picnic or office party gives you and your employees the chance to bond in an informal setting. Keep your staff interested and engaged by planning a range of activities during these events. If children of your employees are attending the event, include activities that cater to them as well as activities for adults.

Raffle or Door Prizes
Incorporate a raffle into your company’s event to encourage attendance and possibly raise money for a cause you believe in. Give every employee one free raffle ticket simply for attending, and let them purchase additional tickets. Donate the money raised from the tickets to a charity selected by a vote of your employees. The items you raffle off can be products your company produces or items donated by vendors you work with. Give small prizes to any children of employees who attend as well.

Discover whether your employees can sing by holding karaoke during your next office event. Hire a company to bring the karaoke equipment into the office instead of heading to a local bar or restaurant to keep things tame. Depending on who will be present at the party, you can have a list of songs that are not appropriate for karaoke. Encourage participation by giving prizes to people who get up and sing.

Picnic Games
Break out traditional, family-friendly games during the next company picnic. Have a large rope and play tug-of-war. If your company has different departments, divide employees into teams based on department. Other fun picnic games include a water balloon fight, kickball and a three-legged race. If children are present, have games designed for young people, such as an egg race. Pair parents and children for a wheelbarrow race.

Creative Costume Party
For Halloween, throw a costume party for your staff. Pick a theme for the costume party, or give employees a limitation for their costumes. For examples, require everyone to use aluminum foil in their costumes in some way or choose royalty as your theme. Award prizes for the best costume and for the most creative use of the required item. Make the prizes connect to your company in some way, such as an extra day of vacation or an extra hour of lunch.

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