Fun Ways to Give Employees the Day Off

Employees appreciate salary bumps and benefits on the job, but there are times that an employer wants to go the extra mile in rewarding his employees for a job well done. Giving an employee a day off can be a very motivating gesture; finding an exciting way to present it can be a morale booster for both the presenter and the recipient.

Free Pass
The free pass rewards an employee with a day off to do whatever he chooses. He can hold onto the free pass and use it at a future date. Be creative with the concept and design a free pass that resembles an old-fashioned hall pass from school days. A piece of wood or a laminated piece of paper can be used to make a creative award that can be handed to the employee. If the concept is to be used at different times for different employees, design something that is sturdy and reusable. Present the free pass at a group meeting so others can share in the acknowledgment.

Discover if the employee likes to fish. Hang the free-day pass at the end of a fishing pole. Find out if she likes to spend time at the beach. Purchase a child’s pail and shovel in a bright color. Use a permanent marker to write “day off” on the blade of the shovel, fill the bucket with sand and stake the shovel in it. Then leave it on the employee’s desk. Determine any hobby that the employee might want to enjoy on the day off and find a creative way to present the reward utilizing a prop associated with the hobby.

If you want to do more than simply give an employee a day off, secretly coordinate a fun day with his family. When the employee arrives for work, have his family waiting to greet him along with tickets to an amusement or water park, picnic lunch, popcorn and movie tickets, gift certificate to a restaurant or any other activity that can be enjoyed as a family.

Office Closing
If the goal is to give the entire office a day off, advise employees that it will be casual-dress day on the specified date. When employees arrive for work, gather all into a meeting or conference room and announce that the office will be closed for the day. Have buses or other transportation ready to take the employees to a scheduled activity. It can be as simple as a day of bowling and lunch, or something more elaborate. Be sure to choose an activity that every employee will be comfortable participating in. A group volunteer project can be rewarding for both employees and management, and serves as a good team building exercise.

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