Ideas for Corporate Hospitality

Các anh chị check in tại điểm tham quan nổi tiếng của Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ

Businesses often entertain clients and prospective clients at special events. These offer a chance to strengthen the relationship between company and client and feature experiences that promote bonding and camaraderie. As this kind of corporate hospitality has grown, companies have focused on creating events that stand out from the usual company picnic. Get creative with corporate hospitality so you can make a lasting impression on clients without spending a lot of money.

Sports Events
Playing sports promotes team-building and provides a strong sense of well-being. Choose teams and play softball, or promote friendly competition through a game of flag football. Activities such as a pitching contest or tossing a football through a target provide less formal sports challenges.

Casino Games
Offer a variety of casino-style games in the office or a conference room to test attendees’ skills at cards, roulette, dice and bingo. You can eliminate objections to gambling by playing for charity. Alternately, get rid of money altogether by issuing tickets and allowing participants to bet them instead of cash; the person with the most tickets can win a prize. Using simple folding tables with nice tablecloths can help keep expenses down.

Clinics for Kids
Instead of asking clients to participate in events, offer clinics in tennis, soccer, football or baseball for the children of your staff and clients. Spectators have the opportunity to root for their kids, while the children learn and improve at their favorite games. This hospitality event promotes goodwill with clients and company employees without asking the adults to compete or exhaust themselves. You don’t have to hire expensive professionals to run the clinics. Utilize office athletes and local professionals who can advertise their lessons at the event in exchange for running a clinic.

Hire a local orchestra or band to play for attendees. Arrange seating so clients can sit with your staff and managers as they enjoy the music. Choose music that is least likely to offend, such as classical, jazz or orchestral pop tunes. Plan a reception afterward that allows clients, staff and managers to mingle and chat, promoting a sense of belonging.

Diversity Picnic
Invite clients and staff to bring international dishes or foods that reflect their heritages. You can reserve a space in a public park at little or no cost. Ask attendees to include their heritage or national origin on their name tags to encourage discussion about the diverse cultures represented at your picnic.

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