Ideas for Fun Corporate Party Games

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Corporate parties give you the opportunity to mingle with co-workers in a low-pressure way. However, having too many personal-space-invasion games, like “Pass the orange with your neck,” can quickly make your workers feel uncomfortable and awkward. Instead, plan an event around fun employee party games that encourage teamwork, creativity and a community spirit that your guests will enjoy.

Team Trivia Games
Many people love trivia games. You can invoke your employees’ competitive spirits by having a trivia contest. Integrate questions about the company into your trivia questions. Accomplish this type of game by having guests answer questions from electronic devices on their tables.

Use an overhead display and a game template. You can also send employees lists of questions to answer in advance and later incorporate these questions and their answers into a “Family Feud”-style game at the event. You can add a few questions that employees can answer by going to your company’s website, which might help staff learn more about the business.

Office Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger hunts encourage teamwork and creativity. Prepare a list of clues based on history, politics or information about the company. Create a trail so that employees follow it to find subsequent clues. Have some type of prize for the team that reaches the destination first. Use this as an opportunity to get your employees to visit other departments, your warehouse or other areas of the business they might not be familiar with.

Outdoor Party Games
Corporate events may be held outdoors to supply enough space for all of the company employees. Take advantage of your outdoor location by featuring outdoor activities. Employees can take part in Velcro jumping by wearing a Velcro suit and jumping on an adhesive wall.

Paintball and miniature golf are also games that competitive employees will likely enjoy. A dunk tank is a favorite carnival game, and employees will be inspired if they get to dunk their boss. Volleyball is easier to play if you use a larger, slower ball. If children are attending the party, have a mix of kid and parent-child games.

Charades or Pictionary
Sometimes when employees act goofy, it can help break the ice. Organize silly workplace party games that rely on the creativity of the workforce, such as Charades or Pictionary. Employees can act out different clues for Charades or draw elaborate pictures for Pictionary.

Group Challenge Games
Party games for large groups can feature a challenge and motivate your employees to work together toward a common goal. Some options are having a tug-of-war, relay race, three-legged race or potato-sack race. If you play tennis, ask the facility where you play if you can borrow one of their short court setups, which consists of small nets you can set up inside or out, and short racquets and low-compression balls. Softer balls makes the game slower and easier to play and avoids anyone or anything from getting hit with a hard ball.

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