Things to Do for a Company Outing

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A company outing is a chance for employees and business owners to get together and unwind during off hours. While the lavish outings and events corporations can provide for employees may be out of reach for many small businesses, a simple outing with good food and games are possible. Company outings improve worker motivation and team performance while solidifying the relationship between the business owner and the employees.

Amusement Parks
A smaller company can negotiate a group rate on a company outing in an amusement park. Some parks have picnic areas available for the company to set up barbecues and food tents for employees. With a group rate, the business may pay for tickets for employees and their families or offer a discounted price on family tickets to the outing. A picnic area also provides a central location for employees to gather and play games, hold raffles, and give awards to outstanding employees.

Company Picnic
A basic picnic with food and games is a relaxing way for employers and workers to spend some downtime together. Small businesses with space available on their property can host the event without the added expense of renting an area for the picnic. Management staff can work the barbecue grills and serving lines to dish out food to workers as a way to show gratitude for their efforts.

Team-Building Activities
The company outing is an opportunity to engage in activities that can improve team performance on the job. Activities that promote collaboration between co-workers and provide some entertainment include team treasure hunts, tug of war and building projects. Team sports, such as softball, are also team-building activities that can be entertaining for employees to enjoy at the company outing.

Prizes and Raffles
Companies may also use an annual company outing to hold raffles and give away prizes and awards to employees. The business owner should check with the local laws regarding raffles at the event. Some areas will require the business owner to obtain a permit to conduct the raffle. Prizes and raffles encourage participation in an annual company outing.

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